207 W Main Street, Walla Walla, WA, 99362




With a voice uniquely her own, Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kawehi draws you in with her catchy hooks and honest lyric. Manned by a Guitar, KoAloha ‘Ukulele and Boss RC-300 Looping Station, she’s known across the nation as a “one-man band,” creating intricate loops via beatboxing and creative guitar/’ukulele usage. Since taking a GIANT leap to L.A. from her home in Hawai’i, she has been featured in Music Connection Magazine’s “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists & Bands” in 2011. In less than a year, her videos have been featured on CBS News Most Viral Videos, Vimeo, Booooooom! and Sony Music. Kawehi is also known across the web as “The Kickstarter Darling,” raising funds for three EP’s through crowd-funding alone, made possible by Kickstarter. In February 2013, she played for the TED attendees at the TED 2013 Conference in Long Beach, CA.

Now with over 300 shows nationally under her belt, Kawehi is making a name for herself as a true DIY artist, creating music that is both tangible and relative – and generating much-deserved attention from both fans and industry folk alike.



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